MSF's Face2Face fundraising teams visits Limpopo

From Tuesday, 14 June 2022, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Face2Face (F2F) fundraising teams will be in Limpopo. This will be MSF’s second visit to the province after the 2017 visit to Mall of the North and Savannah Mall, where we signed up 720 donors. These donors have contributed close to R100,000.

This visit aims to build a partnership with new possible donors from Limpopo who will become MSF’s regular donors.

COVID-19 had a very drastic negative impact on F2F activities as we could not travel to our donors, with our activities being suspended, it meant that our resources were stretched out, however, we still had to make sure that we reach a whole lot of people who needed medical assistance,” says Nelson Mafulo, MSF’s F2F manager. “With that said, this was still an opportunity for us to step up. Some of our F2F members were part of the Health Promotion initiatives around Joburg where they were providing masks, sanitisers, screening, and educating homeless people in the streets and in Shelters about COVID-19”.

As a non-profit humanitarian organisation, MSF relies on donations from millions of individuals around the world. 80.5% of our financial resources are allocated to fulfilling our social mission: 64.4% to our humanitarian programmes, 12.1% to support our projects and programmes, and 4% to our bearing witness and Access Campaign activities. The rest is spent on general management and fundraising costs. This allows us to stay independent, neutral, and impartial - and to access those in greatest need quickly.

In 2021, 97,4% of our income came from 7 million private donors. One of our biggest donor acquisition methods is through in-person interactions, in predominantly mall settings this done by our F2F fundraising teams,” says Patience Malebati, team leader for two of the Johannesburg Fundraising teams.

One of our national projects is in the KwaZulu Natal province, where our teams are currently supporting people affected by the recent KZN floods that took place in April.

We’re excited to be back doing face to face interactions, the people of Limpopo have always been welcoming and supportive of the work we do. We hope to see them in the different locations we will be present,” says Thandeka Mmbadi is a Coaching assistant for one of the Johannesburg fundraising teams.

From the 14th to the 18th of June our teams will be at Thavhani Mall Pick ‘n Pay Court (Venda), from the 19th of June to the 03rd of July we’ll be in two locations, Savannah Mall Checkers & Court (Polokwane) and Mall of Africa Edgards Court (Polokwane).

Further details on where our money comes from, how much we raise, and how we spend it, can be found in our International Financial Report.

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