MSF responds to cholera outbreak in Harare

Mercredi 18 avril 2018 — MSF is collaborating with Harare City health department and partner organisations including Oxfam to respond to the cholera outbreak in densely populated Stoneridge suburb, Harare. Three deaths have been reported to date.  About 128 people have so far been screened, observed and stabilized at the CTU since the beginning of the outbreak. As of 10 April 2018, two suspected cholera cases and 13 suspected typhoid cases were reported at the CTU. On average, 45 people are being screened at the CTU every day.

The index case was admitted at Chitungwiza hospital on 23 March, 2018 but there was a delay in notification of the cases due to a strike among health workers in March. 


The cholera outbreak in Stoneridge follows another cholera outbreak in Chegutu and Waterfalls, Harare. MSF responded in both instances. In addition, MSF continues to respond to an outbreak of typhoid in two locations in Harare since late 2017 with continued inflow of cases.


Cholera treatment unit set up by MSF to respond to the cholera outbreak in Stoneridge, Harare
Infection control at the cholera treatment unit at ST Mary's clinic in Chitungwiza
MSF and City of Chitungwiza nurses attend to a patient in the admission ward at the CTU in Chitungwiza