A YEAR IN PICTURES - Doctors Without Borders

Doctor Without Borders (MSF)

Throughout the year, our photographers have been alongside MSF's doctors, nurses, midwives, logisticians and other staff, on the frontline of our projects around the world. They have been there to bear witness, not only to the work done by our dedicated medical teams, but also, unflinchingly, to the intimate circumstances that surround each individual's story.

We bid farewell to 2016 as a tumultuous year of political turnarounds, hardening attitudes toward refugees and migration, and continuing devastating conflicts. Of the more than 10,000 photographs taken in MSF project locations last year we have selected 50 striking photographs we would like to share with you.

Whether you read it in the courage and determination MSF fieldworkers’ medical response in South Sudan, Yemen or Syria; see it in the faces of people rescued at sea in the Mediterranean; or feel it in the tenderest shared moment between a mother and her daughter amidst the crisis and turmoil, in Nigeria – the indomitable spirit of survival and caring has prevailed in 2016.

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